Dr. Benjamin Benulis for Content Daily Client Testimonial

August 30, 2022

Hear from one of our students!

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dr. Benjamin Benulis, Create Health

Why did you decide to work with Content Daily? What problems were you facing?

Dr. Benjamin Benulis: So I wanted to work with content daily with Cody because I kind of saw the writing on the wall that reels and Tiktok were kind of the upcoming thing. And if I wanted to stay relevant on social media and keep up and keep my business going because they do a lot of business on social media, instagram is probably like 80 90% of revenue. Um, I knew I was going to have to get that thing dialed and I kind of like talked to a few other people who are so called experts, but they really didn't have like a system or a process for doing it. Like when I actually sat down with them, I realized that I didn't, they didn't know much more than I did. And so I wanted a system to be able to like generate consistent content and just kind of know what I was doing with this stuff. Like have a plan and have a program in place that was like realistic and execute Herbal and got results. And so that's really why I started working with Cody

What results did you get from working with us?

Dr. Benjamin Benulis: So I got some great results working with a little more than a month into the program, and so just wrapping up August and I grew 50% month over month from July, which is huge, especially because summers are usually pretty slow for me. So that was awesome. I'm generating consistent content to put out. It's fun. I don't feel like I sit around going, what am I gonna post? Like, I'm actually enjoying content creation more and then I'm batching everything so I can just kind of post and ghost, like, get on there, you know, put what I want to talk about on and then get off there and not waste a bunch of time on social media. So I feel like I'm spending less time having more fun. It's less stress and I'm like, getting more clients and make more money, so that's awesome.

Why is Content Daily different from other similar products or services? Would you recommend us to others?

Dr. Benjamin Benulis: so what I love about the way that this program is taught and how Cody does things is that he, it's not cookie cutter and it's like, it's, it's very like we're gonna customize this to your brand and your style and let you be authentic to yourself and your followers on your business online. There's a lot of like, hey, we'll do your social media for you kind of things out there that I just never jived with because I knew I had to be the brand and my brand and like the voice of my brand and all that. And so that, that creates a complicated things. It's like you gotta be the brand at the same time, you got to be the all the other things in the business, right? You have a finite amount of time. You can devote social media. And so you know, if you're like some just kind of generic business and don't really care if you're in the brand or not, like then yeah, whatever, just hire whoever to do your social media kind of doesn't matter. But like if you're like, you know, wanting to put out like important stuff that's really gonna be in your voice and on brand for you, then you're still going to be involved. And so you know, Cody says like, you can't completely extricate yourself in the creative process. If you're, you know, an entrepreneur and you want to like build a brand and so what he does. Um what is really magical is that he teaches you how to create a large volume, high quality content that's on brand for you and like delivers your message and really gets it to people and it has a hit and resonate without spending a ton of time. Like doing it right. That's like the perfect dance, right? Because it's like, you want to put stuff out there that's true to you and people resonate with and love and then eventually become customers from, But at the same time you can't, you got to do other stuff in your business, right? You gotta do other things. And so what Cody's program really shines is like allowing you to do that. Um, while investing like the minimal amount of time to like actually make it really work. Um, and so, and, and, and of course there's flexibility. You can be more creative and more content if you want to learn that one more time or if you want to just like, hey, I've got a lot of time, but I got to do this. You create systems and processes to allow you to do it without eating up a ton of time. So I think that's what's really good because I hesitated to work with a lot of social media people out there because they just kind of want to just like bulldoze over your brand and then like do it for you and they kill your message and what's good and like Cody wants you to want you to get your unique message out and wants you to be yourself. And he creates a way that you can do it in a way that's fun. It doesn't suck up a lot of time.

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