Customer Testimonials - Document Manager - Builders West

April 07, 2022

Alice Witty shares her experience using Document Manager in her role at Builders West!

Video Transcript

Speaker: Alice Witty, Office Manager, Builders West, Inc.

Please share how your team is using Document Manager?

Alice Witty: We use Document Manager to coincide with our Construction Manager program, which keeps track of our job cost. The accounting team routes the invoices to our project managers, regardless if they're in the office or not, and that helps them maintain their job cost. And it helps the accounting team with our accounts payable.

How would you describe the benefits provided to you or your organization from using Document Manager?

Alice Witty: Document Manager has been beneficial for several reasons. First reason I can think of is assisting our company to go paperless, which is something that we're kind of striving for, it's still a work in progress, but we're kind of getting there. It's really helped me to be able to keep track of the invoices as we give them to the project manager for approval, because at this point I'm maintaining a copy instead of just leaving one in their tray and just wondering when they're going to get it back to me. It's helped the project managers too, because now they're able to look at job costs also and be able to decide what they want to code In a way, I think it's even given the project managers more ownership of the process because now they can actually see like in what codes they're able are going above budget or below or you know, that kind of stuff. And then honestly going back to the paper list now we have a copy of an invoice regardless if it's in Document Manager or in TCM, which I have found very beneficial to be able to get that instead of having to look around in our files and looking for paper and making copies and doing that kind of stuff. That's actually something I was surprised that our project managers have actually benefited from as well. They like the idea of being able to have to being able to find an invoice if they need one when in the past they would have to wait to either somebody in the accounting team was in the office and assist them with that. So, it's really streamlined the process of the invoice approval, which has really just helped across... On top of that, now with wireless and remote access from either the job trailers, they're able to look at invoices there as well without having to deal with, you know, paper.

What would you say to other TCM customers that may be considering Document Manager?

Alice Witty: If you're considering Document Manager, I would say just do it. To be honest, here at our company, it was a couple of years in the process before we actually crossed that line and went ahead and just bought it. But it has been so beneficial. It's helped to streamline our accounts payable. I feel like it's totally given our project managers more ownership of the approval process. It's helped keep track of all our invoices. It is so easy to use. It was so much easier than I thought it would be. I've been able to turn around and train some of our accounting team as well and everybody just has loved using it. I was actually kind of surprised because we do have some project managers have been here for several years but they were able to pick up on it and able to run with it. I'm just telling you I love Document Manager.

What else would you like to share about the Sunrise team or your use of Document Manager?

Alice Witty: So one of the other great things about using Document Manager is dealing with our support person, Karen England, who helped us with setting up the program and training. And honestly, she has been there whenever I've had questions or if somethings come up and we weren't sure exactly what to do. She's always been a phone call or an email away. She's made it very easy, She's so easygoing and just so prompt with getting back to us. To be honest, Karen is fantastic. So definitely has been one of the very positive sides about implementing Document Manager here at the office.

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