Orlando Ivory

December 28, 2022

Orlando Ivory, a 2021 graduate of Lovejoy High School and a graduate of our first pre-apprenticeship class at Perry Career Academy in the summer of 2021, is employed by Mid-South Roof Systems.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Orlando Ivory

Please introduce yourself, then describe the events in your life that led you to the Construction Ready program.

Orlando Ivory: My name is Orlando Ivory with Mid South Roofing System. Well, let me take Construction Ready ... was the curiosity that I had for being a construction worker. I started thinking about construction work in, say, eighth grade, um, eighth grade, then ninth grade, 10th grade, you know, kept thinking about it. You know, in 11th grade, 12th grade, I had started digging deeper into the Construction Ready program and decided when I graduate, I will go to that program.

Describe your experience with the Construction Ready program. Tell others how much you enjoyed it and what you loved the most.

Orlando Ivory: In the Construction Ready program, at first I was very nervous. I was very skeptical because I, you know, I was not really fully there on deciding if I want to be a construction worker or not, but my 20 days of Construction Ready, it has been a blast. I loved it. My classmates, they were amazing , the teachers, they were amazing. The projects that we did were amazing. So as I, as I came more and more to the classes, I realized like maybe this is not so bad. They broke everything down to me. They prepped me for the real life.

Describe your life now after Construction Ready. What's your career like? What are you learning? How do you feel?

Orlando Ivory: Life after Construction Ready, I can say that it has been amazing. I found my career path. I am at a very good job. I came into this new company already like knowing things, which put me in a great spot with my company with my performance. They do not have to really teach me much. I already knew, you know, all the safety, already knew certain things that was very vital uh, to the task. My life has most definitely changed for the better. I am no longer lost in my career choice and I am happy with what I'm doing.

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