Michael Dowdell

July 20, 2023

Michael Dowdell is a graduate of our pre-apprenticeship program in partnership with Holder Construction. He works with McKenney’s on the Meta Data Center project under construction in Social Circle.

Video Transcript

Speaker: michael dowdell, plumbing, Mckenney's

Please introduce yourself, then describe the events in your life that led you to the Construction Ready program.

michael dowdell: Hello, my name is Michael Dowdell. The events that led to me being involved with Construction Ready was that I was incarcerated for 20 years. I always had an interest in plumbing, and upon being released from the facility I was at, the vocational lady there, Miss Brenda Williams, knew and understood my desire to do plumbing. So she introduced me and led me to Construction Ready. So once I got out, I went to Construction Ready and I was introduced to Veda White, who had an opportunity for me to further my interest in plumbing with McKenney's Incorporated and their apprentice program, through the Hard Hat in Hand program. So once I was enrolled into the Hard Hat in Hand program, which is a pre- apprentice program that gave me the tools necessary in order to be successful out in the field of construction. So now I am a first year apprentice or first year plumbing apprentice for McKenney's, and I am doing well and I'm enjoying the work that I'm doing.

Describe your experience with the Construction Ready program. Tell others how much you enjoyed it and what you loved the most.

michael dowdell: My experience with the Construction Ready program has been great and the relationships I've made with those involved with the program will last a lifetime. I really enjoyed the camaraderie and the lessons that were taught within the Construction Ready program. I enjoy the opportunity to make a clean living. I also enjoy working with my hands, which Construction ready has allowed me. I was afforded the training and the qualifications to be successful in the field through Construction Ready. What I love most about it was the time that they took into making sure that I am certified, qualified and ready to work in the field. That means a lot because when you see that others outside of your itself is putting in just as much work to see you successful, it makes you want to go that much harder. Hopefully your drive is going to be 10, because their drive is gonna be on 10 as well.

Describe your life now after Construction Ready. What's your career like? What are you learning? How do you feel?

michael dowdell: So my life now the Construction Ready is wonderful. I have no complaints, everything's not gonna be perfect, but for the most part this is beautiful. My career is going along smoothly. My foreman and the journeyman I'm working with in the plumbing field. they are patient, they are understanding, they are well educated and they are relaying the information to me well. I feel great about the things that I'm learning. I understand that soon I will be able to do a lot of this work, if not the majority or all of this work, on my own withan incoming apprentice who is just learning as I am. So I have the tools to help them learn just as the ones helping me have given me the tools to learn with.

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