Jadah King

December 28, 2022

A scheduling error landed Jadah King in a construction class at Lee County High School. She discovered she enjoyed it and now is a pursuing a career in the industry.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jadah KIng, Electrical Apprentice, Metro Power

Please introduce yourself, then describe the events in your life that led you to the Construction Ready program.

Jadah KIng: My name is Jadah King. I did not go through the ... Construction Ready program, but I did go through the electrical program through my high school, the county high school. My instructor, John Wanner, introduced me to construction through SkillsUSA challenges. I participated in math competitions in middle school and started to seek clubs that would pursue mathematics in other, more challenging ways. And construction led into that. And I got into electrical eventually through SkillsUSA and Mr Wanner.

Describe your experience with the Construction Ready program. Tell others how much you enjoyed it and what you loved the most.

Jadah KIng: The electrical program in my high school was able to connect me through ... the electrical program and SkillsUSA program in my high school allowed me to make connections not only in my region but throughout the state of Georgia. And I enjoyed just traveling and experiencing new things and broadening my knowledge and experience with construction. In general, I enjoyed making connections and friends and talking about my experience while also listening to other people experiences and basing what I've learned on what I hope to do with myself in the future.

Describe your life now after Construction Ready. What's your career like? What are you learning? How do you feel?

Jadah KIng: My career with Metro Power since I did a summer program with them um was very enlightening. I was able to work hands on in the fields which is completely different from the school setting with my um high school. It was very informative and I learned a lot and I enjoyed it very much that I see myself continue doing it for many years on. I learned that it's not just working with tools and getting the job done but also making connections with people and understanding how to work well with them and you can't work by yourself in this industry, you need to work with others. And it's a very interesting and informative since ... it's just a new experience because some programs they teach you to work by yourself and it's different because you have to, you can't just depend on yourself, you need to work and depend on others and you build upon that relationship and it benefits your work in a way.

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