Dewaski King

December 28, 2022

Dewaski King graduated from Construction Ready's first pre-apprenticeship class in Dougherty County, in July of 2021, and is thriving in his work with Albany-based Pellicano Construction.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dewaski King, Material Handler , Pellicano Construction

Please introduce yourself, then describe the events in your life that led you to the Construction Ready program.

Dewaski King: Good morning. I'm Dawaski King. The events that allowed me to start my journey to Construction Ready was my nephew was telling me about this program they had at school, and he was thinking about joining. And once he told me all about it, I quickly signed it up.

Describe your experience with the Construction Ready program. Tell others how much you enjoyed it and what you loved the most.

Dewaski King: Construction Ready has gave me a new, profound purpose on life, starting with just weekly and monthly just changing different jobs, seeing how foundations are laid and how buildings are being built has been tremendous. I really appreciate Construction Ready.

Describe your life now after Construction Ready. What's your career like? What are you learning? How do you feel?

Dewaski King: Well, my life now is it's amazing. Um just being able to just come home and fix things around the house, you know, make life a little better, create certain objects for my kids building bar stools and tables. It's just tremendous. Um right now the career is big. I'm a part of this trauma expansion at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital. It's gonna be like a two year process. There's a lot of intricate details that I have to learn and become familiar with, but other than that, it's a blast.

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