Greg Hardy for Nominate your "Hear-O"

December 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Greg Hardy

[PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF] "Hi, my name is ________ and I would like to nominate ________ as my Hear-O."

Greg Hardy: Hello, my name is Greg Hardy and I would like to nominate my wife Anita Hardy for hearing aids.

[Tell us a bit about why you're nominating this person.]

Greg Hardy: Anita's my wife. We've been married for over 25 years. She's just a very special person. Very caring. She's a wonderful caregiver who takes care of her mother, who's elderly and her brother who's diabetic and she also takes care of her uncle and her family and friends. She's just a very wonderful person who has had a great impact on my life. Um, she's my princess. I would just like for her to be able to hear better and see the smile on her face because she loves to listen to music and that's just something she's had taken away through all the years. Uh, this would be a really great benefit to her.

[Tell us more about this person.]

Greg Hardy: We love going to football games together and the brains a smile on her face. But one of our biggest enjoyments is every night we try to watch a movie, especially around the holidays. We try to watch a Hallmark movie and it's very hard for her to hear the words on the television. She's just a special person who enjoys helping people and she take, like I said earlier, she takes her mom to the doctor and she needs to be able to hear everything the doctor is saying. For her mom, she's just a very special overall person who just needs the help with the hearing aids. She's had hearing aids in the past and it's helped. But the technology and hearts are not as good as the new ones. This would be a really big benefit to her and her family.

[Tell us about their struggle with hearing loss.]

Greg Hardy: One of the things with her not being able to hear is her joy for music that she's always enjoyed. She cannot hear the words in the songs or the, uh, watching a movie and hear the, uh, words on television. It's hard for her to understand what they're saying. And I think one of the biggest thing is she loves to hear our new granddaughter, uh, when she makes noise, she's having a hard time hearing that and she's just something, I think it's really affected her and I can just see, um, just the sad look on her face when she's not been able to hear and she asked people to repeat things when we go out with family and friends. She has a hard time. She just sits there not being able to interact in the conversations because she just cannot hear what everybody's saying.

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