Ecommerce Testimonials

April 01, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tahir Khan

Could you describe why you purchased our product?

Tahir Khan: Uh this is going to work with the Confederate tech. They have a great team and they would work with the good efficiency and all. So we are looking forward to it.

What has been your experience with our product so far?

Tahir Khan: Uh the overall experience has been great. We have been working along since was here. So they have a great team, they work according to our needs. So we're looking forward to work more in future.

Could you describe your overall experience with ConferoTech?

Tahir Khan: Uh The overall experience with the Confederate tech team was great. Uh The team members were incredible and they helped us a lot in understanding what the website should look like. They helped us in design. So they have a great team. We will recommend them highly.

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