What I like most about working at Conduent

October 09, 2023

Watch what Conduent associates have to say about the best part of working here is

Video Transcript

Speakers: Theresa Panaccione, Supervisor, Conduent. Chelsea Collins, Recruiter II, Conduent . Matthew Riggs, Director of Operations, Conduent . Amy Ratliff, Supervisor, Conduent

Amy Ratliff: What I like most about my job is the opportunity to grow and becomes something inspiring for other agents. I definitely want to look back at my career with Conduent and be proud of the work that I did and the teams that I've lead.

Matthew Riggs: What I like most about working with Conduent is definitely the people. I know for me, nothing fills my cup like being able to provide someone an opportunity, bringing joy to someone's day by recognizing them, hearing other people's stories, experiences, etc. etc. etc. It's just nice working with people that you feel like sharing your desire to succeed and you're happy to interact with daily. I don't think that's Conduent specific. We just seem to have a lot of those folks.

Chelsea Collins: What I love about working at Conduent is working in a team environment and the sense of camaraderie that we've been able to build within the team.

Theresa Panaccione: What I like best about working at Conduent is that we're all focused on the primary objective which is serving our customers. I I find a lot of joy and working with others that have a common goal such as serving. And it is really nice to be an environment where others are looking at that kind of perspective throughout their day. So I really enjoy that most about working for Conduent.

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