Sharmaine Odumodu for Day in the life of a Recruiter

September 26, 2022

Listen as recruiter, Sharmaine Odumodu talks about a day in her life at Conduent

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sharmaine Odumodu

What do you do / what is your job at Conduent?

Sharmaine Odumodu: I'm a recruiter in talent acquisition.

How do you normally start your day and what does your typical day look like?

Sharmaine Odumodu: I usually start my day by sending a quick message to the team just saying good morning, opening up the daily tracker and starting to fill out my numbers for the day. I prepare interview guides for the people that I have scheduled to interview that day. I typically try to schedule anywhere from 7-9 people per day, and I try to make offers to anywhere from 4-6 of those people.

(a) What is the most challenging thing about being a recruiter? (b) What is the one thing that you absolutely love about your job? (

Sharmaine Odumodu: The most challenging thing about being a recruiter is that you can't control other people so you can't take it personal If you have a no show. It's an employees market right now, so you can't take that personal. I absolutely enjoy just getting to know each and every person that I speak with and getting that opportunity to make an impact on their life and vice versa.

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