Jazmyne Cohen for Day in the life of a Recruiter

September 26, 2022

A day in the life of a Conduent recruiter, Jazmyne Cohen

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jazmyne Cohen

What do you do / what is your job at Conduent?

Jazmyne Cohen: My role with Conduent is a recruiter to I work on the production side, so a lot of my job is primarily working on high volume recruiting.

How do you normally start your day and what does your typical day look like?

Jazmyne Cohen: I generally like to start my day with prepping my work desk, having a nice cup of coffee, some water and some nearby snacks. A typical day for me would consist of sending out emails to qualified candidates to schedule some interviews actually scheduling those interviews and then conducting the interviews, usually about like 8-10 a day.

(a) What is the most challenging thing about being a recruiter? (b) What is the one thing that you absolutely love about your job? (

Jazmyne Cohen: The most challenging thing about being a recruiter, I would say is the time management aspect. You're always trying to get as many interviews in a day, but really making sure that you have that in between time to um do any admin work, send any emails and finish up some on boarding. My favorite thing about being a recruiter is really being able to help different people every day.

How are you able to maintain a work-life balance in your current role? Any tips and trick on how tuning off or stress busters you can share?

Jazmyne Cohen: Work life balance is key in my role in really any role. What I like to do to maintain that work life balance and you know the stress freeze. I like to wake up early before my position start. You know get a good workout in or you know have a nice breakfast and then be able to focus on work during my work hours. And once I do complete my work for the day um It is always great to just completely disconnect, maybe turn off my work phone, turn off my computer and then get ready for the next day.

(a) How is success determined in your role? and (b) What skills or attributes would make one a successful recruiter in Conduent?

Jazmyne Cohen: Success in my current role as a recruiter is usually determined by metrics, set by our team, just trying to hit a certain amount of interviews a day, which would hinge a certain amount of offers and um, just following that on a weekly and daily basis, um, some skill sets that I would say we're best for a successful recruiter is definitely being able to build rapport and being very personable with different candidates. You speak with different people every day, so being able to keep those conversations going is a key skill.

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