Puerto Rico - Damaris Octtaviani

September 13, 2022

Employee Testimonial

Video Transcript

Speakers: Damaris Octtaviani , Customer Service IV Team Lead

Damaris Octtaviani : My name is Damaris Octtaviani. I've been here at Conduent almost four years. I joined the Conduent family back in 2018. This being my first call center experience. So I was taking phone calls for almost a year and a half after I was offered a team leader position where I am at the moment. I've been here for almost two years. Throughout this time I've been able to assist in training. I've been able to assist and develop associates that have been part of the company that still are part of the company. Some of them have moved to different departments because we have growth opportunity at the company. It's not just government payment services, we have other departments as well. So this is the is a Conduent family. Everybody, everybody here becomes family because we work with each other day by day and it's it's a team effort. We're all going towards that same goal. So we all work together. It's a great environment. We've had our facilities recently remodeled, so we have great break rooms, We have a beautiful production floor. We have state of the art technology and equipment for all our employees. So it's a really nice place to be at.

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