Paul Chiara for Day in the life of a Recruiter

October 06, 2022

Paul Chiara for Day in the life of a Recruiter for Conduent

Video Transcript

Speaker: Paul Chiara

What do you do / what is your job at Conduent?

Paul Chiara: My job with Conduent is a recruiter and what I do is qualify, schedule, interview and offer potential employees.

How do you normally start your day and what does your typical day look like?

Paul Chiara: I typically start my day at Conduent with opening and checking my emails to see what responses I've received from my interview request from the previous day. My day at Conduent is mostly made up of scheduling potential interviewees and then interviewing those candidates and offering them the position that I'm currently hiring for. It's mostly just using video tools like this to speak with the candidate and qualified their skills for the positions.

What is the most challenging thing and what do you love about being a recruiter

Paul Chiara: The most challenging thing about being a recruiter is definitely not selecting a candidate for the role that they had applied or interviewed for because they didn't meet our qualifications or requirements. It is an absolute important part of the job and it must be done, but it's never pleasurable. And that's definitely the toughest part is having to say no to a potential employee on the flip side. The one thing about Conduent I absolutely love is being able to extend an offer to a candidate and let them know that I think there would be a great fit for our position and welcome them into the company that never gets old and I love doing it.

How are you able to maintain a work-life balance in your current role?

Paul Chiara: I maintain a good work-life balance with Conduent by really unplugging. At the end of the day I turned off my computer, I shut down the notifications on my cellphone and silence it. I really try to separate my work life from my home life which can be tough as a remote recruiter but just making that physical change of shutting the computer, changing out of your work clothes and silencing all your notifications can really put you back into the mindset to you know just live your regular everyday life after work. It's also something that's very encouraged by my direct leadership is fostering that work life balance. It's definitely something that's needed to be a successful recruiter. And to really like what you do is to be able to separate yourself from it at the end of the day.

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