NJ FamilyCare Process - Team Questions

June 29, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Karen Gardiner Bryan , Outreach Manager , Conduent. Jacqueline Fisher, Outreach Supervisor, Conduent. Jamila wise, Customer experience associate lll, Conduent . Mary Pergament, Manager, Conduent

Meet our team

Jamila wise: Hi, my name is Jamila and I have been with Conduent for six years and four months

Jacqueline Fisher: I've been working for Conduent for 17 years and I'm an outreach supervisor.

Jamila wise: I'm working in the call center for NJ familycare as a customer experience associate.

Mary Pergament: I'm the manager of the Call center for NJ FamilyCare.

What do you like about working for NJ FamilyCare?

Karen Gardiner Bryan : I like working for Conduent and this project specifically because we are serving the community with a very serious need.

Jacqueline Fisher: What I love about my job. Oh my God, is so many things. Let me just count the ways. One, I love to motivate my staff and see the look on their face when they achieved their goal. Two, I love the customers the way they respond and show their gratitude when we helped them get health insurance. Three, I'm in an environment or I should say, a culture where upper management cares about me. They show that they care about me.

Mary Pergament: I enjoy that my days are never the same and there is always something to do and learn.

What does a day at work look like?

Jamila wise: A typical day for me would be, answering about 65-70 calls in the call center. Lots of multitasking, reading, reviewing, noting.

Jamila wise: Assisting clients with things like, HMO requests, updating addresses, making sure address phone number is updated in the system

Mary Pergament: On a daily basis, The call center can handle 3500 to 5000 calls a day.

Jacqueline Fisher: I canvas 21 countries in New Jersey to help educate the community about the program.

What is the most challenging thing about your job, and how do you overcome it?

Jacqueline Fisher: The challenge I find with my job is that customers want what they want when they want it.

Mary Pergament: You don't know what the person on the other end of the phone is going through and you're there to help them. We need to show empathy while controlling the call and provide the answers to assist the caller.

Jacqueline Fisher: But my job is to listen to them show empathy for them, feel their pain and find a solution to their problem.

Jamila wise: I tend to stay very calm and patient, show you know, understanding and know that it's not personal.

Karen Gardiner Bryan : I think it's important to be able to empathize with them and to be able to use discernment and compassion equally.

Jamila wise: I tend to provide a solution and be very thoughtful, to the individual and that helps.

What is the most rewarding thing about working with NJ FamilyCare?

Mary Pergament: Helping the residents of New Jersey obtain and maintain health insurance is rewarding overall. Knowing you can make a difference in someone's life, gives me job satisfaction.

Karen Gardiner Bryan : It's very gratifying to know that we can help folks out at some of the most vulnerable times of their lives.

Jamila wise: There are so many things that I love about what I do. But the thing that I love the most would be my position is very rewarding because I get to help individuals, I get to help others, and that makes me feel really good.

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