NAM Employee Testimonials - English

May 23, 2022

What makes you feel valued at Conduent?

Video Transcript

Speakers: Paul Chiara, Recruiter, Conduent. Sharmaine Odumodu, Recruiter, Conduent. Vincent Stingo, Senior Manager Talent Acquisition Human Resources , Conduent. Ramya Ramachandran , Sr. Recruiter, Conduent . Chelsea Collins, Recruiter, Conduent

How does Conduent make you feel valued?

Chelsea Collins: Conduent makes me feel valued by acknowledging and recognizing the hard work that goes into doing this job and making sure that we understand how important we are to the overall success of this organization.

Vincent Stingo: Conduent makes me feel valued because they don't try to change who you are. They let you be yourself and listen to your suggestions and ideas daily, which helps the company and yourself grow within the organization.

Ramya Ramachandran : I know I am a valued member of Conduent because my managers have always given me that feedback.

Ramya Ramachandran : And each of them has always taken the time to let me know how much I mean to the team, what value I bring to Conduent

Paul Chiara: Conduent makes me feel valued by, first of all, providing me with a fair and competitive salary and benefits.

Paul Chiara: Providing me with management and leadership that genuinely cares about my work life balance and well being.

Sharmaine Odumodu: Conduent has lots of opportunities for you to share your feedback but then they actually do something with it right? They drive it forward and bring results So it just it has an impact on the overall company, on the culture, on the people.

Sharmaine Odumodu: So yes, I mean, what more could you want, like as far as value Conduent is on point.

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