Associates Speak - LACAR - Elsa Abad Saenz

May 25, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: . Elsa Abad Saenz, Service Delivery Manager , Conduent

Elsa Abad Saenz: Hi I've been working at Conduent for nine years.

What do you like about working at Conduent?

Elsa Abad Saenz: What I enjoy most about my job at Conduent is that we get to learn and we get to teach.

Elsa Abad Saenz: We are part of something so much greater because we are helping our clients take care of their clients and all in all that's helping people.

Elsa Abad Saenz: We have fun activities that we are participating in our site within our region and even across countries.

How have you grown at Conduent?

Elsa Abad Saenz: I have grown at Conduent both professionally and personally, professionally through some promotions and also some learning that I've done in platforms that are part of our Conduent structure. And personally because I have learned a lot of stuff from our leadership

How does Conduent make you feel valued?

Elsa Abad Saenz: I feel really valued as an employee here at Conduent because I have

Elsa Abad Saenz: been given opportunities to learn to grow. I have been listened to. I've had leaders that have been mentors to me that have been very important part of my growth professionally and personally. I feel valued because the company

And also the things that make me feel valued as an employee at Conduent is that our corporate structure and our leadership really lend themselves to transparency and also encourage us to learn what we need to become better employees and they allow us to invest in our growth,

Elsa Abad Saenz: is willing to invest. They're willing to invest in what I already know but also willing to invest in helping me get to the next level

Elsa Abad Saenz: It shows me that I am valued as an employee

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