LACAR Employee Testimonials - English

May 23, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Carolina Felix, Senior Business Operations Analyst, Conduent Mexico . Elsa Abad Saenz, Service Delivery Manager , Conduent. Melanie Barriffe, Director of Operations, Delivery, Conduent

How have you grown at Conduent?

Elsa Abad Saenz: I have grown at Conduent both professionally and personally, professionally through some promotions and also some learning that I've done in platforms that are part of our Conduent structure. And personally because I have learned a lot of stuff from our leadership

Elsa Abad Saenz: We have fun activities that we are participating in our site within our region and even across countries.

Elsa Abad Saenz: Being part of this huge global family.

Melanie Barriffe: that have occurred. I started out as a data entry clerk, doing transaction processing for a client based in research, marketing or market research rather. And I have grown through working all frontline positions in a support role as a QA team, lead supervisor and you know, as a director. So that's really my journey in terms of growth.

Carolina Felix: I have been able to work at different areas that have allowed me to grow in a professional and a personal level.

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