LACAR Employee Testimonials - English

May 23, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Carolina Felix, Senior Business Operations Analyst, Conduent Mexico . Elsa Abad Saenz, Service Delivery Manager , Conduent. Melanie Barriffe, Director of Operations, Delivery, Conduent

How does Conduent make you feel valued?

Elsa Abad Saenz: I feel really valued as an employee here at Conduent because I have over the nine years that I've worked with Conduent have been given opportunities to learn to grow. I have been listened to. I've had leaders that have been mentors to me that have been very important part of my growth professionally and personally. I feel valued because the company

Elsa Abad Saenz: I feel valued because the company is willing to invest. They're willing to invest in what I already know but also willing to invest in helping me get to the next level

Elsa Abad Saenz: It shows me that I am valued as an employee

Melanie Barriffe: Conduent makes me feel valued by having leaders that are willing to listen and are flexible in terms of facilitating any personal need.

Carolina Felix: Another way that I feel valued is by giving us the opportunity to provide feedback and to be listened.

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