Jacqueline Fisher for Day in the life of a NJ Healthcare Enrollment

October 06, 2022

Jacqueline Fisher for Day in the life of a NJ Healthcare Enrollment Agent at Conduent

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jacqueline Fisher, Outreach Supervisor, Conduent

Why do you like working for this process and for Conduent?

Jacqueline Fisher: When I was young, I always want to be a nurse because I will always want to help people. When I went in when I went to college, I found out that that was not I didn't like blood. So it was not my cup of tea, but the closest thing that I could find in an occupation with helping people get into healthcare. So that's why I love my job. I love my job because I feel like I am truly making a difference and helping people.

What is the purpose of your job / the impact your work has on the people you serve?

Jacqueline Fisher: As a supervisor, I wear many many hats. Alright, let's start with one. My first hat. I have to be a cheerleader and a coach to my staff. I have to be a miracle worker to upper management, and lastly, I have to show compassion and love for myself so I can express that or share that with my customers. I love working for Conduent.

How many people do you help/transactions you process every day?

Jacqueline Fisher: My staff juggles numerous tasks a day. They touched 20 to 30 cases. It's nothing for them to assist 60 or more customers over the call center. And lastly, pre Covid, they saw something like 20 to 25 people a day. So they do a lot and you know, and they still provide excellent customer service.

What personal skills and traits can help one succeed in this role?

Jacqueline Fisher: I've been working in customer service for 27 years, and I find there are three things which will make you succeed at it. One you have to be an active listener. Number two, you have to show compassion, and three you have to believe in positive reinforcement. If you if you do all those things, you cannot fail.

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