Gail Palladino for Day in the life Video

October 06, 2022

Gail Palladino for Day in the life at Conduent

Video Transcript

Speaker: Gail Palladino, Nurse First Response, Conduent

What do you do at Conduent / What is your job?

Gail Palladino: Hi, my name is Gail Paladino and I work on the Nurse first Response team and my job is to triage injured workers.

What is the purpose of your job / the impact your work has on the people you serve?

Gail Palladino: I get to assist and help our clients there, sometimes in a vulnerable state and getting to offer assistance, and a plan is very rewarding.

How many people do you help/transactions you process every day?

Gail Palladino: How many people that I help every day is dependent on how many calls come in. It can vary in addition to triaging the injured workers that call in, I also assist with other calls. The supervisors might be calling to ask certain questions, or the injured employees can be calling back to ask other certain questions, so I'm looking up their triage and referring them to where they can have further questions answered in case I can't.

What do you like best about your job and/or working for Conduent?

Gail Palladino: What I like about my job at Conduent is assisting the injured workers when they call and helping our clients, getting the help that they need and easing their fears if they have any at that time and answering their questions. And also a great thing about Conduent is having wonderful team members. We all assist each other and having management that is supportive.

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