Day in the life of a Recruiter at Conduent

May 24, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Paul Chiara. Chelsea Collins. Jazmyne Cohen. Sharmaine Odumodu

Paul Chiara: My job with Conduent is a recruiter and what I do is qualify, schedule, interview and offer potential employees.

Jazmyne Cohen: My role with Conduent is a recruiter I work on the production side, so a lot of my job is primarily working on high volume recruiting.

What does your typical day look like?

Chelsea Collins: A typical day as a recruiter can vary, but it normally consists of checking and responding to emails, confirming meetings, conducting video interviews with candidates, as well as updating the candidate's profile

Sharmaine Odumodu: I usually start my day by sending a quick message to the team just saying good morning, opening up the daily tracker and starting to fill out my numbers for the day.

Jazmyne Cohen: A typical day for me would consist of sending out emails to qualified candidates to schedule some interviews actually scheduling those interviews and then conducting the interviews, usually about like 8-10 a day.

Sharmaine Odumodu: I typically try to schedule anywhere from 7-9 people per day.

Paul Chiara: My day at Conduent is mostly made up of scheduling potential interviewees and then interviewing those candidates and offering them the position that

Paul Chiara: Using video tools like this to speak with the candidate and qualified their skills for the positions.

What is the most challenging thing about your job?

Chelsea Collins: The most challenging thing about being a recruiter is that things are always changing, so you have to be someone that is easily adaptable and is willing to roll with the punches.

Paul Chiara: The most challenging thing about being a recruiter is definitely not selecting a candidate for the role that they had applied or interviewed for because they didn't meet our qualifications or requirements.

What do you like about your job?

Sharmaine Odumodu: I absolutely enjoy just getting to know each and every person that I speak with and getting that opportunity to make an impact on their life and vice versa.

Chelsea Collins: One thing that I love about being a recruiter is that I get to interact with so many different kinds of people.

As a recruiter, how do you maintain work-life balance?

Jazmyne Cohen: Work life balance is key in my role in really any role. What I like to do to maintain that work life balance and you know the stress free. I like to wake up early before my position start. You know get a good workout or you know have a nice breakfast and then be able to focus on work

Chelsea Collins: When I'm done with work, I close my computer and I remove myself from my workspace.

Sharmaine Odumodu: I try my best to make time each day to just go on a quick walk outside or go to the gym and just completely, you know, revamped, take my mind off of work so that I can be in my best spirits for the next day.

Paul Chiara: I turned off my computer, I shut down the notifications on my cellphone

Paul Chiara: just making that physical change of shutting the computer, changing out of your work clothes and silencing all your notifications can really put you back into the mindset to you know just live your regular everyday life after work. It's also something that's very encouraged by my direct leadership is fostering that work life balance.

What does success look like for recruiters at Conduent?

Jazmyne Cohen: Success in my current role as a recruiter is usually determined by metrics, set by our team, just trying to hit a certain amount of interviews a day, which would hinge a certain amount of offers.

Sharmaine Odumodu: It's also not just about quantity, a big part of it is actually quality. So finding the best quality candidate to fill this role, that's what would be considered a success.

Jazmyne Cohen: Some skill sets that I would say were best for a successful recruiter is definitely being able to build rapport and being very personable with different candidates.

Paul Chiara: To be a successful recruiter for Conduent, you really do need to be hardworking, organized and, most importantly, empathetic towards our candidates.

What is the most rewarding thing about your job?

Chelsea Collins: Building relationships with these people and really being able to assist them on their job search and find a place that fits.

Paul Chiara: The one thing about Conduent and I absolutely love is being able to extend an offer to a candidate and let them know that I think there would be a great fit for our position and welcome them into the company that never gets old and I love doing it.

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