Associates Speak - NAM - Sharmaine Odumodu

May 23, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Sharmaine Odumodu, Recruiter, Conduent

Sharmaine Odumodu: I have been working with Conduent for just over a year now, so I started in April of 2021 and it's

Sharmaine Odumodu: and it's really been an exciting year.

What do you like about working at Conduent?

Sharmaine Odumodu: A few of the things that I really like is the team that we have here, I always brag to everyone. Like we truly have the best team. We actually care about each other as people and not just as co workers, there's never a question that goes unanswered. So we all help each other out and we bring out the best in each other.

Sharmaine Odumodu: The other thing that I really like is just the fact that you can be yourself. So no matter who you are, no matter where you come from, you can be who you are and that's what I truly love.

Sharmaine Odumodu: Um So if you're that person like me, that's just, you know, always telling corny jokes, you don't have to be embarrassed, you don't have to worry like everybody is different. It's okay, so tell that joke and if you're the person that's a little bit more quiet, you know, a little more reserved, that's okay too. Like be yourself and at Conduent, I really feel that we embrace that.

How does Conduent make you feel valued?

Sharmaine Odumodu: I actually really like this question. So a few weeks ago actually I saw this question online that said whenever you interview somewhere you should always ask the interviewer, when was the last time that a change was made based on employee feedback? And what impact did it have? When I saw that question, it really made me think and really made me appreciate being at Conduent because I truly feel that they do value employee feedback.

Sharmaine Odumodu: So the weekly meetings, one-to-ones with your manager like lots of opportunities for you to actually share what are some things that are challenges for you? Right? What are some successes? What are some things that could be improved? Um... So there's lots of opportunity to to vocalize and communicate that. But what I really love is that it's not just requesting feedback, it's actually that second part of the question which is the change being made from it.

Sharmaine Odumodu: then they actually do something with it, right? They drive it forward and bring results? Um... So it just it has an impact on the overall company, on the culture, on the people. Um So any time, you

Sharmaine Odumodu: So yes, I mean, what more could you want, like as far as value Conduent is on point.

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