Complain Free Proof of concept

August 27, 2022

I complain about my favorite product , then I reply as the quality manager promising 3x the product for my time , info and loyalty .

Video Transcript

Speaker: Danny Ruelas

First let's get a good look at the product. Clearly record all sides of the product packaging. Tell us where it was purchased.

Danny Ruelas: Hey, I have this Tostitos contest, so salsa here bought it at Target today. Here's the code on there. Okay. And there's the product number and I just wanted to, um, complain about this black stuff that's on the lid. I don't know if it's safe to eat or not. Um, if someone could let me know, that would be great. Um, yep. Everything else looks okay. I haven't opened it yet, Okay.

Now lets get a good look at the problem. If the problem is not visible just tell us what is wrong with the product.

Danny Ruelas: Okay, so here is the problem. There we go. It's in focus now. You see those little black spots around the top. Yeah, that's I guess it looks okay to eat. I mean it's not an inside just wondering.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how this problem has made you feel. Have you been a loyal customer? Is this your first purchase?

Danny Ruelas: Hey, my name is Danny. I'm from Lompoc California. I bought the Tostitos salsa at the Target in santa Maria today. Um been a long time lover of this salsa contest, so it's one of my favorite nacho cheeses and besides, I've been a customer for the last 20 years. Um Price has gone up quite a bit, about $5.50 now. Um, but having not tonight with my family tonight and just wondering if this is good to eat. Um, so I hope you guys can get back to me in time. If not, I'll probably just need it anyways, but just wondering.

Danny : Hey Danny, this is Danny. I'm the quality manager over at Frito Lay Saul second case. So, and just want to let you know that that black stuff is not a problem for you and your family tonight. You can feel free to eat that and be completely safe. Actually, we're gonna look into what that black stuff is. Um maybe just part of the manufacturing process, um but would not affect your experience whatsoever, but we're going to get it fixed for you and for giving us that great feedback and for being a loyal customer for over 20 years and with the price being $5.50 with inflation and everything going on right now, what we're gonna do is we're gonna send you three Tostitos salsa contest, so, jars uh, directly to your house and I hope that you really enjoy. That's that is a gift from us to you for being such a loyal customer and for providing us with that fantastic feedback. That's what we want from our customers so we can continue to improve. And uh we'll be following up with the factory. And again, thank you Danny. I really appreciate your business. Look forward to getting you those that free product. And I hope that you keep happy and I hope you continue to be a loyal customer. And thanks again, Bye.

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