Margaux Miller for Community-Led Summit Virtual

January 31, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Margaux Miller, Global Director of Community, Toptal

Please briefly introduce yourself.

Margaux Miller: Hello, everyone. My name is Margaux Miller and I'm a Canadian, but you can often find me traveling around the world. Very fortunate that I work fully remotely as the Global Director of Community for Toptal. There my team and I were focused on connecting a fully remote network of top talent around the world through programming events, pro bono work and more. My background is in technology in the tech industry as well with start ups and of course in community engagement within those industries. And I'm also a very big advocate for diversity in tech, for digital literacy and accessibility. And you can see that work through the work I do as an advisory board member with Women Tech Global Network. Also hosting their conference and founding Start Canada podcast as well as the manager of Women in Tech Group. So love to talk about any of those topics with you. Hope to meet you all very soon.

In a few sentences, what will you be speaking about at our event?

Margaux Miller: I can't wait to be speaking with you on February 22nd about elevating your community building on a global scale. Gonna give you some great best practices and examples from the work that we do, serving our community that is in over 140 countries, many different languages, cultural sensitivities and nuances. So we'll get into what's how do you have that global vision? But that impact at a local scale, how those two things tie together and when and then really get into some of those global practicalities, those challenges that you might see and talk a tiny bit about tech platforms and tools that you can use to kind of bring all that to life. So a lot to dig into, I'm tempted to even do it right now. But we're going to wait, look forward to seeing you February 22nd to talk again about elevating your community building on a global scale.

What are you most looking forward to at the event?

Margaux Miller: I really love that the community led summit is focused on proven tactics for growth or for engagement from companies all over the world that are really community centric. This is an important difference, right? That we're being asked to deliver talks that are really around best practices, tactics, things that you can take away and do right away. And I'm really excited to do that in my talk and I'm sure we're going to see amazing things across all of the speakers at this event. So just excited in general, I want to use some of those tactics myself and look forward to seeing everyone there.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing community leaders today?

Margaux Miller: As far as a challenge related to the community industry or for facing community leaders right now, one of the things that we're seeing is this big question mark still around AI and how it's going to impact things. And I know many leaders using it wonderfully in creative ways for their communities already today or for their own efficiencies. But one of the things I think that's interesting is the more that people in our, in our communities, our members at large are leaning into technology and um and AI and all these opportunities available. I don't think they're going to disappear. I think what's going to happen is that actually people are going to turn the other way and even more be reliant and looking for physical places or, you know, even online, but actual places where they can connect with other human beings because it is something that I think you'll feel this push pull are going to be pulled toward technology, but then feel like they really want this human connection on the other side of things. So I think community is going to be more important than ever.

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