Amber I Truehart for Dental Patient Testimonials

March 20, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Amber I Truehart

Could you describe how Comfort Family Dental has improved your dental health?

Amber I Truehart: Comfort Family Dental has improved my dental health by just getting me there. I think. Previously I had such bad experiences and various dental offices that I was very anxious to even go and immediately when walking into comfort Family Dental. I just felt at ease. I felt like they were listening to what I was saying and recognizing my level of anxiety and kind of taking me through the steps very slowly. So I think just getting there to begin with, improved my dental health and then the care after that has always been amazing.

Why would you recommend Comfort Family Dental to a friend or loved one?

Amber I Truehart: Okay, I have recommended comfort, family dental to all of my friends or family, and a lot of my friends actually go there now. Um One of the reasons is because I have a medically complex background and I felt like that background was taken into account when also taking care of my teeth and kind of seeing the ways in which different things could be affecting my dental health.

How is Comfort Family Dental different?

Amber I Truehart: comfort family dental I would say is different in that you almost feel over time like you're part of the family from like the warm greeting when you first walk into the door to um asking about how your kids are. Um They just are not taking care of just your teeth. And I think that offering all of the additional services around anxiety also makes it different. Um Just knowing those things were there, um I didn't actually ever use any of them like um modernization, those kinds of options um immediately made me more comfortable being there. So I think it's just a warm friendly environment and then also um taking care of like the whole person and not just your mental health.

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