Ryan Farnan for Coaching By Mastery Seller Success Stories

September 29, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ryan Farnan, Senior Partner Lead, FBR, CG&E

Please introduce yourself in a couple of sentences.

Ryan Farnan: Hi, I'm Ryan Farnan. I'm a Senior Partner, lead in FBR and I've been at Google for over 10 years now, and I currently work on Constellation brands Tyson, Brown Forman and Campbell Soup.

Who coached you and how was the overall experience

Ryan Farnan: I've worked with a number of coaches now, including Coach AK Elizabeth Juan, Andrew, Sarah and Colin and I keep coming back because the sessions are incredibly valuable and what I like is there's both a structure to it and also flexibility. So sometimes I want to talk about a formal presentation. Other times it may be just general strategic questions or other times it may just kind of be diving into the experiences of these great coaches in terms of the psychological and the approach of getting clients to behave in different ways and trying to influence them in the right ways. so I really enjoyed that and it's been great to get perspective from across, CG&E from literally every vertical to get those perspectives and honestly, I think they are also getting some insight from me and hearing about what my clients are doing that they can bring back to their own teams. So I think there's a lot of sharing. I think there's a lot of bonding across FBR and ultimately all of us driving our businesses forward. And that's why I keep coming back and I want to keep engaging with more and more coaches to get more perspectives on our complex clients with great opportunities and great challenges

What was the result/takeaways

Ryan Farnan: I'm happy to report that the coaching sessions have really driven great results for myself and my team. Off of the experiential insights from the coaching sessions. I and my team have been able to drive new relationships and breakthroughs with clients and agency partners who were not as engaged before, but we found the right angle and the right approach to motivate them and to make us better partners And off of that, my accounts in this current quarter were up 90% year over year and Constellation, the focus account of many of the coaching sessions is up 152% year over year. So really tangible results off of the insights that have come from coaching.

Anything else you would like to share (optional)

Ryan Farnan: this is a really great program and I encourage everyone to make full use of it. You know, honestly, when I first did a session, it was because I was asked to um, but I keep coming back because whether it's one of the Sales Mastery coaches, whether it's a HOI Senior AE from a similar vertical, a different vertical. The perspectives are always really useful and it gets at both sort of this strategic and the human elements. And we're all very smart here, we're all very capable, but none of us have the perspective that someone else here does right and going just beyond our teams to work with others in our vertical, in the battle and the excitement that we're all in to drive more results for our clients and for our teams. It's a great way to do it. It's once a month and it really is a valuable use of time. So I hope everyone really steps up their their usage and we can work forward together.

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