Cori Fernandez for Coaching By Mastery Seller Success Stories

September 28, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Cori Fernandez, Account Executive, Programmatic Media & Entertainment, CGE

Please introduce yourself in a couple of sentences.

Cori Fernandez: Hi everyone, Cory Fernandez here I am an AE on the Programmatic team supporting Media and Entertainment clients. Been at Google for six years, I've been in sales for 13 years and I am from Long Island, but I live currently in Ridgewood, New Jersey with my husband, Jeff, and my two Children, Remy and Raffael.

Who coached you and how was the overall experience

Cori Fernandez: My first session with Coaching by Mastery was with AK. It was for the ALCS. Cookie Countdown Contest and our team was was submitting for the most creative pitch and it was a written submission. Part of us standing out amongst the 500 sellers that submitted for this contest was having a really good story and we knew that you know our client Paramount had a really great story, had a compelling data narrative but we weren't able to really telling in a way that we thought would resonate via written submission. So my first session was focused on the power of a story and how to really have a story arc with um you know high point, a low point and I think that this really enabled us and our team to stand out because we were chosen to be in the finals. Only 10 teams were chosen and we actually made it to the final round and in the final round we were we had to do a live five minute pitch. So I set up time again with Coaching by Mastery. This time I set up time with a diverse set of different coaches to get different perspectives. I had just come from you know being behind the screen during Covid for two years my presentation skills were super super rusty. I didn't feel like I had a great great executive presence and I knew that I wanted to stand out during this presentation So I set up time and I worked on things like powerful openings, executive presence, how to have, you to show empathy to an audience, and we ended up, crafting our story with a really powerful opening, and part of the story was around how we created something out of nothing for Paramount. So we kicked off the conversation with Do you like magic? And it was such a creative, powerful opening, that the audience was like, what is she going to say? Like what does she mean just do you like magic? We're talking about, you know, automated targeting, where is she going with this? And I think from that powerful opening, the audience was really hooked and it really helped us stand out amongst a lot of the other presenters. we won this cookie contest, it was an incredible experience for me and my team, winning prize was $50,000 which was an incredible reward, but more importantly, through the entire experience, I really was able to regain a lot of my confidence back from being behind the screen during Covid. So that was that was my coaching experience with Coaching by Mastery

What was the result/takeaways

Cori Fernandez: I never would have been able to do any of this without the coaching that I received by the Coaching by Mastery. I'm feeling more confident, more inspired and I've now taken on a coaching role myself and um I'm coaching folks that are in the CG&E I was in the first cohort of AE's that took Google Way of Sales Coaching and I am now also a business partner to the Coaching my Mastery team so I can help scale some of the great work that I received to the rest of my teammates on CG&E.

Anything else you would like to share (optional)

Cori Fernandez: What I've learned is that training is available at Google if you seek it out, coaching is key if you want to be successful at Google and Sales Mastery or Coaching by Mastery is a really underutilized program that everybody should use.

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