Sara Schwartz for Coaching By Mastery Seller Success Stories

December 16, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jamie Lee & Sara Schwartz, Senior AE & SDM, FBR

Please introduce yourself in a couple of sentences.

Jamie Lee & Sara Schwartz: Hi, I'm Sarah Schwartz. I'm a Sales Development Manager in the Food, Beverage and Restaurants vertical in CG&E. Hi, I'm Jamie Lee. I'm a Senior AE in FBR supporting the Mandalay's business.

Who coached you and how was the overall experience

Jamie Lee & Sara Schwartz: So we went to the Sales Mastery Coaching session together because we were co-presenting to a room of about 150 clients, and we wanted to make sure that we got our flow down and we really could connect on engaging with the audience. We met with Erin Siegel, Elizabeth Correa and Coach AK

What was the result/takeaways

Jamie Lee & Sara Schwartz: even though we met with them just a couple of days before a client meeting, we had three really impactful takeaways. The first was that the team was really able to give us some simple tips to maintain engagement while we were presenting to such a big audience. And so some of these examples are really explaining to the audience how the flow of the session was going to go, so that we weren't having them guessing, but we were really helping lead them along the way for what they were going to get throughout the hour long presentation. And then the other thing that they helped us think about was that there was diversity in the audience and people learn in different ways, right? So, like they were thinking play to someone who's a visual learner versus someone who's an auditory learner and really think about the different cues, you can bring them along with your presentation. And then the second thing that we took away was this really great visualization exercise that helps us feel really comfortable before our presentation. Yeah, the content that we were presenting was a little bit further outside of what at least I normally talk about with my clients and visualizing, sort of the movement around the room and the way we would feel on stage, really helped kind of shake out the jitters that I had leading up to that meeting. Oh, and thirdly, um they really helped us identify, sort of a through line, we felt really comfortable in all the materials that we had gathered um for the presentation, but kind of practicing with them, identified what, what that story would be, the common theme throughout the various elements to make sure that the key takeaways were clear for the clients.

Anything else you would like to share (optional)

Jamie Lee & Sara Schwartz: So the last thing that I would share is that I think that anybody should really think about signing up for a coaching session, because even if you've practiced as much as you can, even if you're the day before your presentation, connecting with the coaching team can really help you take your presentation to add that extra little bit of polish and help you feel confident going in? Definitely. I would not be afraid of them throwing out your presentation, telling, telling you it's terrible. It really is a matter of just helping your confidence um and making sure that you can really nail the key messages with your clients.

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