Alex Marcusiu for Coaching By Mastery Seller Success Stories

December 16, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Alex Marcusiu, Account Manager Associate, Google

Please introduce yourself in a couple of sentences.

Alex Marcusiu: Hello, My name is Alex Marcusiu and I'm a current member of the Americas Sales Associate Program here at Google. I'm currently working as an Account Manager, associate based out of the Google Chicago office.

Who coached you and how was the overall experience

Alex Marcusiu: I was coached by Colin Ryan and Erin Siegel two tenured account Account Executives in the CG& E. My overall experience was amazing and I really appreciated all the insight that Colin and Erin provided me around how to deliver a pitch. I also appreciated that they took the time to listen to me and learn about my client's business and used that as the base of the information that I needed to build for my pitch.

What was the result/takeaways

Alex Marcusiu: In the end, Colin and Erin's advice turned out to be invaluable as my pitch ended up landing with the client, and they agreed to running test campaigns with our new product suggestion.

Anything else you would like to share (optional)

Alex Marcusiu: Whether you're a Noogler or a senior seller, I highly recommend scheduling coaching session before your next big pitch. It never hurts to have another set of eyes or ears listening to your already crafted pitch or to go in with some ideas and get the opinion of somebody else who's experienced in the field to help you build something out that's going to be great.

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