Frank Thom for Coaching By Mastery Coach Bio's

September 29, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Frank Thom, Programmatic Head of Industry, CG&E

Please introduce yourself in a couple of sentences.

Frank Thom: Hi, I'm Frank Thom I'm a Programmatic HOI. within CG&E. Working on the Consumer Electronics vertical, I've been in Google for about 15 years, all of them here in the Bay Area, actually been a part of the sales coaching program since its inception a number of years ago when it was first introduced in MCS.

What excites you the most about being a Coaching By Mastery Coach?

Frank Thom: I love this program. I think coaching any activity, whether it's music, sports or art can help an individual perform at higher levels through feedback practice and repetition. And I think that's true for sales as well. Ultimately, I think sales coaching is good for our clients business, but really it's good for ours as well, and it's good for the individuals who are calling on customers every single day.

What is your coaching background/experience

Frank Thom: I was fortunate enough to have good coaches throughout my sales career. They helped me focus on getting results, they became my mentors, they were generous listeners. They were supportive, they challenged me, offered feedback and even helped open up doors. My coaches made an investment in me because they felt that I had the ability to deliver better and better outcomes. And I see that same thing in our sellers. That's why I love this program. I hope to be as good of a coach as those individuals who helped me and with so many gifted sellers here at Google as well as dedicated coaches. I truly believe this is an invaluable resource that can be magical for any and all that embrace it.

What is your coaching superpower

Frank Thom: Superpower. Well, since my wife is not gonna see this, I would say I'm a pretty good listener, I'm really curious person, and I like to hear what others are going through, and if I can draw on some of my previous experiences to help them out, that's really satisfying for me.

Anything else you would like to share

Frank Thom: This coaching program is such a fantastic resource and I really hope that all sellers take advantage of it and give themselves an opportunity to grow and develop.

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