Roy Slack - CIM Fellowship

April 29, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Roy Slack, Cementation Americas

Briefly describe the work you do and the goals you have accomplished that led to you achieving this award.

Roy Slack: I want to thank the CIM for this great honor. There's a list of criteria involved in this award. But what the fellowship really means to me is recognition of volunteer work and it's volunteer work to make a great industry even better. I've had a blessed career in a great industry, and certainly one of the highlights for me has been in my involvement in the CIM. From the work at branches, to conferences and of course my role as President. If you're employed in our industry, there's no doubt that you're part of it. But in my opinion, to really be impactful, to be part of our national industry, your involvement should go beyond your day job and that's where CM comes in– connecting people and through the philosophy of one CIM, giving each of us the ability to make a much larger, positive impact together than we ever could on our own. The most valuable thing we can do, to give back to an industry that's been so good to us, it's donate our time. I would encourage everyone in our industry to volunteer for the CIM. Or another organization whose values align with your own and where you feel you can make a difference. Once again, thank you for this great honor. I'm very proud to call myself a CIM fellow.

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