Morgan J Ingram- CMO Summit New York 2024

February 20, 2024

Join Morgan J Ingram as he discusses what he is most excited for at CMO Summit New York 2024.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Morgan J Ingram

Please briefly introduce yourself.

Morgan J Ingram: My name is Morgan J Ingraham. I am the founder of AMP and we are a revenue accelerator that helps companies with pipeline engineering content by enabling their subject matter experts in their industry.

What are you most excited about for CMO Summit New York?

Morgan J Ingram: The thing that I'm most excited about is to learn from other CMOs within the space. Things are changing super fast, especially in the B2B marketing world. And I'm always trying to learn more and that's exactly what I do. I got my notepad, I got my pen. I'm ready.

What session are you most looking forward to?

Morgan J Ingram: The session I'm looking forward to the most is how the B2B CMOs are learning from B2C or B2C CMOs that are coming over and doing B2B now. That's gonna be fantastic. You're starting to see a lot of content in B2B start to be really focused on getting in front of the end user, right? What is the things that are going to stand out? What's the B2C concepts and the content that's really going to be the most valuable overall, right? And so that's ultimately at the end of the day, what I'm looking and seeing to be the most helpful and the most applicable and I believe that everyone else will learn from that as well.

Why would you recommend attending CMO New York?

Morgan J Ingram: I would recommend everyone to attend CMO New York Summit. And the reason for that is because it is a wealth of information that you'll learn from and network with new people that obviously want to learn as well. And that's where you get the real magic. So every event that I've gone to where the speakers are great and people are coming to learn from those speakers and enhance their craft. You're going to find your people in there that can help you grow and nurture your career moving forward.

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