CMO Summit Speaker Spotlight

August 26, 2022

Video Transcript

Hey everybody. This is Jason McClelland, CMO for shutter stock talking with you live from the top of the Empire State building here in Manhattan. Beautiful view. I'm super excited to work with you all at the upcoming CMO summit for a discussion on the changing role of the CMO, how you bring the rest of your executive team and company along on a shared vision and leave chains for a certain markets. Meanwhile, the top three things I think CMO should be thinking about pipe, pipe, pipe or revenue, revenue, revenue depending on your business. The markets are hard to be laser focused on your ROI Number two transparency. Bring your peers and the company along with you and ensure they understand what marketing is doing and why. And lastly value messaging, show how your solutions help your customers do great things faster and more efficiently and what I'm looking forward to most about the CMO Summit is being able to break bread and reconnect with all of you. World class marketers. I miss you all. After a couple of years of just doing zoom, so see you soon.

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