Ron Fisher for Chief Marketing Officer Summit San Francisco

June 09, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ron Fisher, CEO & Co-founder, Mesh Analytics

Ron Fisher: Hi, I'm Ron Fisher, CEO and Co-Founder of Mesh Analytics. Mesh is a Y Combinator-backed AI-powered revenue attribution and analytics platform for B2B teams all over the world.

What will you be discussing at CMO Summit San Francisco?

Ron Fisher: At this year's CMO summit. We're gonna be talking about the role of AI in marketing. And I'm not just talking about generative AI and Chat GBT AI can be used in a number of ways to boost your revenue and ensure that you're meeting your targets every single quarter. Whether that's AI for data cleaning AI for predictive alerts and forecasting or AI to build out models so that you understand exactly what's attributing to your campaign success AI is here to transform every aspect of your business and we want to make sure that you're powerfully set up to take advantage of this technology moving forward.

What are you looking forward to most about CMO Summit?

Ron Fisher: I'm most excited about meeting and diving into discussions with technology driven forward looking CMOs who aren't afraid to try new things. AI is just one technology trend that's poised to completely disrupt the way businesses interact with their customers, but there are a number of new technologies on the horizon. So understanding from you what your most pressing problems are and how you're attempting to solve them today is the key for us to be thinking about what we need to be building next and how we can partner best with you to solve your biggest challenges.

Ron Fisher: Join me at the CMO summit on September 21.

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