Ron Fisher for CMO Summit Speaker Spotlight

February 14, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ron Fisher, CEO & Co-Founder, Mesh Analytics

Ron Fisher: Hi, I'm Ron Fisher CEO and Co-Founder of mesh. I'm a second time founder in the AI Space, and my first startup was acquired by Mind Body in 2019. I'm a Cornell tech grad and I live right here in new york city.

What will you be discussing at the upcoming CMO Summit?

Ron Fisher: At this year's CMO Summit we'll be diving into a hot topic on every B2B CMOs, mind revenue attribution. Is it an endeavor worth pursuing or a total waste of your efforts? You'll hear from a range of experts about how and if these types of analyses are possible, and if done correctly, the type of actionable insights you can derive that'll make a difference to your bottom line. Come prepared for a thought provoking discussion and bring your own opinions and stories to the table.

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