Noa Elan for CMO Summit Speaker Spotlight

August 03, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Noa Elan, Head of Marketing, Bubbles

Noa Elan: Hi everyone. My name is Noah and I'm head of marketing for bubbles.

What will you be discussing at the upcoming CMO Summit?

Noa Elan: At the CMO summit, I'm gonna be giving a talk about how to rethink marketing in a product-led growth world. So product led growth has become one of the new business models for growing companies, specifically B2B companies, but also B2C companies And product-led growth requires marketers and business leaders to completely rethink the marketing stack and how we think about campaigns growth metrics. So I'm going to give an overview of how that transition has been for me moving from companies like Adobe and Lift and Square to a company that is PLG driven like bubbles and what shift I had to do in terms of resourcing and measurements and even internal relationships within the company in order to adapt it.

What do you think the top three priorities should be for CMOs right now?

Noa Elan: Top three priorities, I would say one continue being an amazing co-pilot to your CEO it doesn't matter how great marketing is working right now and it doesn't matter if you're hitting all the goals and all the threshold, make sure that you're the person that you're CEO trusts with anything that's happening and a lot of things are happening right now right? It could be financial, it could be product related, it could be fundraising related, make sure that you're available to pivot to help the larger company and where leadership needs to be. Number two is help with internal micro marketing. There's a lot of uncertainty, uncertainty now for employees about their future at the companies and where we're going. It's really important right now to focus on building trust, building the vision and building the inspiration for why employees are working in the companies and why they should work hard because when people are at work, when people are stressed, it's really hard to do great work. So how do we as marketers use our storytelling capabilities in order to inspire people to do their best work and continue showing up. And the third one I would say is balancing and reconsidering how you balance short term and long term understanding the current economic situation and what that means for your specific company understanding whether or not you should pull back or push further to understand and when growth needs to happen in terms of your own cycle

What are you looking forward to most about the CMO Summit?

Noa Elan: Oh my God, I am so stoked to meet everyone soon. The biggest thing that I look forward to is just like learning from other people and hearing what they do. Because hearing what other people do specifically in either other functions or other industries is such, such a catalyst for my own creativity and thinking outside of the box. And it's been so long since I've connected with people who are not immediately in the sphere of my work, so I can't wait to learn and connect and get inspired and shift my thinking about marketing based on what other people are doing.

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