CMO Summit New York 2024

January 25, 2024

Hear Bonnie Habyan's, CMO at X-Caliber, insights into cultivating dynamic and inclusive marketing teams. Find out more at the upcoming Chief Marketing Officer Summit New York 2024 on March 20.

Video Transcript

Bonnie Habyan: Hi, I'm Bonnie Hay in the CMO of X-Caliber. I am truly looking forward to CMO Alliance's upcoming conference. I am going to be part of a panel that's going to delve into the importance of creating and cultivating dynamic and inclusive marketing teams. That's a very, very critical topic these days. And I think it's gonna be something that we're gonna have a great time unpacking. I'm also just looking forward to getting together with so many different professionals in the marketing space from across the country, some of the brightest, most creative minds and it's not far away. So I look forward to it and thank you so much for having me CMO Alliance.

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