Walt Batansky for Customer Stories

November 20, 2020

Video Transcript

Speaker: Walt Batansky, CFO

Introduce yourself, and tell us about how ClozeLooop recently helped you or your business.

Walt Batansky: Hi. I want Boltanski, the CFO of Advocate Group corporate real estate and as the CFO. The first thing I'm concerned with on any investment is the r O I and how we're going to see it and how we're going to measure it. So when the revenue Ops team came to me, I guess it's been close to a year now and said that they wanted us Thio apply the closed loop system. Of course, I ask them those questions. We did end up going forward with it, and I have to tell you, it has been one of the best investments that we made. Andi, thank goodness that we did it before we went into the covert situation because there's so many people out there now with pain. We were not really selling to the pain, so they were right on point. It's been great for us, has been one of the best investments we've made within the last year, and so I'm very pleased to give this endorsement video for them and would highly recommend them. They've been a great investment for us

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