Google Cloud Customer Story: Zenoss

February 16, 2021

Google Cloud Customer Story: Zenoss

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ani Gujrathi, Chief Technology Officer, Zenoss

What problem were you solving for with Google Cloud?

Ani Gujrathi: Our goal was building a world class multitenant SaaS platform for infrastructure and application monitoring, using modern technologies, the analytic techniques to deliver business insights, innovative solutions and quick time to value to our enterprise customers.

Why did you choose Google Cloud?

Ani Gujrathi: Google's proven reputation as an innovator, operator at scale, global locations, and the offering of all the managed services. And most importantly, though, it was Google's willingness to partner with Zenoss at various different levels, including product engineering, sales, and marketing.

How is Google Cloud different from other providers?

Ani Gujrathi: Having worked with multiple cloud providers in the past, I believe Google's leadership in offering cutting edge services on the platform, their offerings in the AI/ML space, and innovative and potentially game changing solutions like Anthos are what differentiate them from the others.

How would you describe Google Cloud?

Ani Gujrathi: Comprehensive, reliable and secure. Those would be the three words I would use because those are also the same qualities that our customers are expecting out of, you know, a platform that Zenoss provides. We can rely on Google for those qualities and focus on providing our customers business value.

How do you get the most value from working with Google Cloud?

Ani Gujrathi: The key is to leverage the relationship with Google beyond the infrastructure offering. You can do that by exploring and utilizing a variety off managed services that are offered on the platform. Also collaborate with Google on their product engineering and operations expertise so that you can focus on, you know, building solutions and solving problems for your customers.

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