Hayden Schlegel for Cloud Maven, Inc Video Testimonials

August 29, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Hayden Schlegel, Systems Analyst, JBMP Group

What was your challenge prior to the implementation of SMS and eFax Guru?

Hayden Schlegel: The main challenge prior to implementing the SMS application for us, was our ability to effectively communicate with our leads inside and outside of the field. But ever since we implemented it, this has been a much smoother process.

How are things better now using SMS and eFax Guru?

Hayden Schlegel: So since implementing the SMS application, we've been able to contact our clients as well as our prospective renters seamlessly, it makes it much easier to communicate on both ends of our business.

Can you estimate how SMS and eFax Guru helped in metrics (e.g.sales, production, time, and money)?

Hayden Schlegel: So for our use case, the SMS application that we implemented into our Salesforce working with Cloud Maven definitely helped us save a ton of time, and it also increased activity in terms of our communication with our leads outside of the office.

What is your overall level of satisfaction with Cloud Maven, Inc.? Short quote.

Hayden Schlegel: So JBMP has been working with Cloud Maven for a year now, and it has been nothing short of a pleasure doing business with them, as well as integrating their SMS application into our Salesforce.

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