Bank Connect powered by Plaid Testimonial: Imperial Advance, Daniel Eaker

August 11, 2021

Bank Connect Powered by Plaid Testimonial

Video Transcript

Speaker: Daniel Eaker, COO, Imperial Advance

What was your challenge prior to implementation of Bank Connect?

Daniel Eaker: Before we were using bank connect, our bank verification process was slow, inefficient and disconnected from our crm. We were manually verifying our customers, bank accounts, which often resulted in a delayed sale cycle and even a missed opportunity.

How are things better now using Bank Connect?

Daniel Eaker: now that we use bank connect, our bank verification process is much more streamlined. Our customers can automatically verify their account with just a few clicks rather than a long phone call from someone in our operations department. We've seen a much higher closing percentage and much less missed opportunities. Due to inefficient systems, Bank connect has helped our team get many more sales across the finish line as well as prevent potential fraud from future customers.

Can you estimate how Bank Connect helped in metrics (e.g.sales, production, time, and money)?

Daniel Eaker: it's safe to say that bank connect has more than just helped improve our overall metrics. We have increased our sales by more than 25%. We've increased our productivity by almost 100% and reduce the time it takes to close a deal by almost three full business days. And best of all, bank connect helped save us thousands of dollars by giving us the insight we need into our customers accounts prior to finalizing the deal with them.

What is your overall level of satisfaction with Cloud Maven, Inc.? Short quote.

Daniel Eaker: We couldn't be happier working with the team at cloud maven. They're efficient, Smart and have a vast knowledge of all the systems that we're using. I highly recommend using Cloud Maven for any future projects.

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