Pahniti Tosuksri for Customer Stories

November 20, 2020

Video Transcript

Speaker: Pahniti Tosuksri, Assistant Director of Strategic Innovation, CHN Housing Partners

Please introduce yourself and describe the problem you were trying to solve when you purchased Credit Checker.

Pahniti Tosuksri: Hi. My name is Tom Tosukskri, and I'm the Assistant Director of Strategic Innovation at CHN. Housing Partners, were an affordable housing agency that also provides homeownership counseling to low income families. When we were implementing our Salesforce platform and our housing counseling platform, we knew we wanted to incorporate credit checking and credit validation for prequalification purposes. We had previously worked with another vendor that really just wasn't meeting our needs. So we began a search to find other applications that would work well. We heard a lot about Credit Checker, and met with Ushank and the team and we're really excited with what they're willing toe kind of work with us on that our previous vendor was not, which includes a lot of, you know, customization of code that fit a lot of the customizations we had our Salesforce instance, and really a price point that really couldn't be beat, We were finding that our current vendors were gonna increase our costs, and Credit Checker came in with a great deal for us. So really became a no brainer situation for us.

How are things better now that you are using Credit Checker?

Pahniti Tosuksri: You know, once we put in Credit Checker it was a pretty smooth transition. We were able to transfer a lot of custom code we had built before onto a new platform, and transition was relatively seamless. Most of the counselors are working on it, you know, notice the slight change and how they request the reports, but for the most part, everything else kind of rolled in, and things are better now. You know, the billing processes a lot smoother and easier for us. and we have a lot more control internally about what's going on. Um, you know, the credit pulls are coming in and the biggest thing is the service that both Credit Checker and their preferred partner, Credit Reporting Services, can provide. Before it would take kind of a couple efforts for us to discover any issues with pulling credit or any other items and now the response time is great. Things get resolved quickly. They also work with us on certain customizations that will help, alleviate anything that could be solved by automation, so we have a couple of projects that we're working on with them currently. We just appreciate the level of collaboration they have with us, especially it being a nonprofit organization.

Can you estimate how much time and money you have saved by using Credit Checker?

Pahniti Tosuksri: You know, from a cost saving and time saving perspective, there wasn't a lot of change on the time saving piece just because of the credit integrations, whether it was our previous vendor or current, it was pretty instantaneous. But on the on the cost side while, there are more subscription fees. the per credit report basis that they were able to provide to us really provided us about a 30% discount on each of those transactions. So when we first did the cost benefit analysis we knew we'd be saving money, and it certainly has come to fruition here. Even even with a slight credit increase in price increase is a result of FICO scores being more from Equifax. But for the most part, cost savings, billing process is pretty simple for us, and from a time perspective, just generally, you know, moving from manual reports and editing and entering things manually into the system, to having all those information flow in with automated calculations, you know that that was a big change for us when we first implemented any credit solution. So, that certainly is something that any housing counseling agency, anyone pulling credit with Salesforce should be using.

Can you describe how easy or difficult the implementation and setup of Credit Checker was?

Pahniti Tosuksri: From an implementation perspective Ushank and and his team came in and worked in the background and made some deliveries to us. We worked around them for some custom code that worked with our custom objects and those were all delivered in a clean and timely fashion. We haven't really run into any additional errors from there. So everything was pretty simple and seamless for us. As long as you have an administrator that's familiar with their data structure, familiar with the automations that occur on the objects and information that you're looking for? Then things are easy.

What is your overall level of satisfaction with Cloud Maven, Inc.?

Pahniti Tosuksri: Working with Ushank and his team at Cloud Maven, I can't say enough good things about them. Anytime anybody asks about what solution we're looking for, I always sing their praises so I can't recommend them enough just from an understanding of customers, being able to provide customer service, being able to understand that each organization is unique with unique needs. And also slowly recommending products, but not being too pushy is also a great quality. And overall, it's just been a good experience from fitting the tool to what our organization needs to deliver the services that we provide. So thanks Cloud Maven!

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