Kirstie D Harper for Customer Stories

December 16, 2020

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kirstie D Harper, Family Success Director , Trinity Habitat for Humanity, Inc.

Please introduce yourself and describe the problem you were trying to solve when you purchased Credit Checker.

Kirstie D Harper: Yeah. Hi. I'm Kristie Fraternity. Habitat for humanity here in Fort Worth, Texas. Um, in the past, we were pulling credit from a credit processor on git was taking lots of time. We had to pull the credit, and then we had to process the credit. Then we had the uploaded in Salesforce, and so we were looking at a way to expedite this process for us.

How are things better now that you are using Credit Checker?

Kirstie D Harper: Now that we're using credit checker, we are able to save time. Everything is with the click of the button, which is super convenient. We can click a top of the screen and the credit was pulled. And then within five minutes we have the credit report there with all the information already uploaded. It's just super convenient, it seems time for us. It saves admin time. Um, it's just really great.

Can you estimate how much time and money you have saved by using Credit Checker?

Kirstie D Harper: way are saving probably about five thio, 15 minutes, every credit report that we're pulling and we pull over. Probably 400 credit port reports in a year on Dwyer, also saving probably 5 to $7 a credit report. On top of that, so it's a super time saver and a super money saver.

Can you describe how easy or difficult the implementation and setup of Credit Checker was?

Kirstie D Harper: the staff at Credit Checker made implementation super easy. We were able to tell them exactly what we were needing and how we were wanting it, Um, and which was exactly what they offered in their product, and they were able to set it up and get it running. Um, soon after we had signed the contract, so it was very quick process, and we were able to started using it immediately.

What is your overall level of satisfaction with Cloud Maven, Inc.?

Kirstie D Harper: We are very satisfied with Cloud Maven and the staff that they have their anything that we needed. They were always quick to respond any questions that I had and I had a lot they were able to answer and walking through the process and make us feel reassured, um, to make sure that we were making the right decision for our company and for the money that we were spending on the product.

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