Bryan Swink for Customer Stories

December 14, 2020

Video Transcript

Speaker: Bryan Swink, Owner/COO, Rock Solid Funding

Please introduce yourself and describe the problem you were trying to solve when you purchased Credit Checker.

Bryan Swink: Hi, my name is Brian Swink. I'm the co-owner and Chief Operating Officer of Rock Solid Funding. And we began using Cloud Maven's Credit Checker software when we implemented our Salesforce platform and went to a digital operating system in the fall of 2019. We were very impressed with the Credit Checker software, but recently we actually implemented their Secure File Transport which has really been a great addition to our Salesforce platform. It allows us and our customers to be able to send encrypted and secure files, which is very important for a lot of our customers to keep their information safe. And, it's a seamless, very easy process through Salesforce. Being able to send templates and the ease of use Is really unbelievable. It's really helped speed up a lot of our sales processes and expedited our workflow. We couldn't be more happy with Cloud Maven, and the services that they provide. Their customer service is top notch. So I highly recommend utilizing their services

How are things better now that you are using Credit Checker?

Bryan Swink: The Secure File Transport application that we've implemented through Cloud Maven has been really great. It's allowed us and our customers to feel comfortable sending very valuable personal information across channels instead of just relying on email. Email can be fine at times, but our customers really like that we do have this portal that is a completely encrypted and secured portal that we can drag and drop and upload documents back and forth to one another.

Can you estimate how much time and money you have saved by using Credit Checker?

Bryan Swink: Since partnering with Cloud Maven about 15 months ago I can't state enough how invaluable their services and their products have been to our business model and our platform. We we have sped up our processes by tenfold, being able to have an automatic credit pulled. The soft inquiry, conducted as soon as the application comes into our platform, as well as being able to send and receive documents through Salesforce's platform, secure documents and not having to jump back and forth between Salesforce and email and attaching files, it's all right there on our platform. It's really hard to estimate a monetary value of how much the time and efficiency our team has saved just because of these applications. Its really invaluable and it has completely shifted and shaped our company for the better. Moving into a digital platform coming from a very paper and archaic platform and a lot of manual input and a lot of administrative data input was a high part of our job, and now we have a lot of this stuff automated and the Credit Checker, Secure File Transport, plus some of the other projects that we've had Cloud Maven build out, API's and things along those lines. They're just a great team, they are gonna be in our pockets ready to help develop as our company grows over the next couple of years, and they're gonna be our main resource for our Salesforce development.

Can you describe how easy or difficult the implementation and setup of Credit Checker was?

Bryan Swink: Really, all of Cloud Maven's products have been excellent and very easy, user friendly to get adjusted to and implement within our Salesforce platform. No one within our company had any Salesforce background or knowledge and so we've been learning this mainly on the fly over the last year and having Cloud Maven there when these new applications are launched under a platform, they are there to walk us through step by step of this process and my initial thinking is that this is gonna be a complicated set up, that there's gonna be a lot of hoops to jump through and a lot of information to retain in order to implement the Secure File Transport. But when their team came together and laid out everything for us, it was so user friendly, so easy to work through and understand that our team was up and running within the same day of launching it on our platform. It's been a great tool for us ever since

What is your overall level of satisfaction with Cloud Maven, Inc.?

Bryan Swink: Rock Solid Funding's overall experience on Salesforce in the last 15 months has been a a little chaotic with some. We've had experiences with developers and other companies that we did not feel comfortable with, we felt took advantage of us quite a bit. But we have not felt that way at all with Cloud Maven. Cloud Maven has been extremely thorough gracious, they have rolled out enhancements to their products, they've checked in on us on how... just s customer service overall checkup on how the service is and how these products are are responding to our platform on they've been an excellent company. Again, I've mentioned we plan on using, uh, in the future for every Salesforce problem or project that we have any sort of development. Every time I talk to the team about something that we'd like to do or we would like to see on the platform, we have a bit of hesitation, not thinking that that may be capable, but the Cloud Maven team looks at us and is like, "yeah, that's no problem. That should be maybe a couple of days of work easy. I'll have an outline to you within the next day." And then boom, it's there. They're ready to move and act and build these projects and the applications from the Secure File Transport to the Credit Checker to the API's that they've had built for us, we couldn't be more happy. They are really helping us understand, learn the Salesforce platform the capabilities of it and, uh and we feel like they're there to see us build, develop and not just looking to collect a paycheck. They are there to see us succeed and I feel that they are truly invested in our success. So I couldn't be more happy and thrilled with our our partnership thus far.

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