AI at Google Cloud Next

October 04, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sean Falconer, Head of Developer Relations for Google's Business Communications

Why are you excited for Google Cloud Next '21?

Sean Falconer: Hey, I'm super excited about Next and the reason I'm so excited is because I get an opportunity to talk about how Google's Business Messages team and the Cloud Contact Center AI team are working together to make it super easy for businesses to provide engaging and helpful conversations to their customers.

What can we expect to hear about Conversational AI and Business Messages at Next?

Sean Falconer: We'll be showcasing how businesses can convert their search traffic in the real conversations with actual customers and how they can leverage our bot in the box technology, powered by Google's conversational AI to answer customer inquiries any time of day 24/7.

Why should someone listen to the "Drive Results with AI-Powered Business Messages" session at Next?

Sean Falconer: So you should definitely check out our session if you are a business looking to drive down call volume, improve customer satisfaction, increase lead capture and sales, or you're someone just interested in the messaging and conversational AI space.

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