Zack Akil for Google Cloud Next Testimonials

October 04, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Zack Akil, ML Engineer & Developer Advocate

What are you most excited for at Google Cloud Next '21?

Zack Akil: I'm most excited about seeing some of the live demos that people have made for the new machine learning tools.

What can we expect to hear about Vertex AI?

Zack Akil: We can expect to hear about how AutoML ties into Vertex AI, as well as hearing how developers can get started with Vertex AI.

Why should someone listen to the Vertex AI sessions at NEXT?

Zack Akil: If you're a developer, machine learning engineer, or data scientist, it's useful to listen to the Vertex AI sessions because there you learn about the full life cycle of machine learning development, including things like model monitoring and model retraining, which is useful in modern ML development.

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