AppSheet at Google Cloud Next

October 04, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mike Procopio

What are you most excited for during Google Cloud Next?

Mike Procopio: Well, let's see for me a couple of things stand out...First as an area that's near and dear to my heart and that's building no-code apps. At Google we do that with AppSheet. Basically, I love that no-code app building platforms like AppSheet let more and more people build useful things without having to be a software engineer. I think that's really cool. A second thing that I'm always interested in is AI and machine learning and in particular, I care about how we can make AI more accessible and more easy to integrate inside our apps. And I think we'll see some good examples of that at Next.

What can we expect to hear about AppSheet?

Mike Procopio: Well, there's a lot of exciting things coming from AppSheet that we'll hear about at Next, including things like API integration and governance. There are also be a hands on lab for trying out AppSheet as well as a really interesting case study from one of AppSheet's customers.

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