Google Data Cloud Summit '22

March 18, 2022

Data Cloud Summit

Video Transcript

Speaker: Leigha Jarett & Gabe Weiss, Google Cloud

What is Data Cloud Summit?

Leigha Jarett & Gabe Weiss: Hi, I'm Leigha and I'm Gabe. And the first question is what is the Cloud Data Summit? It's a place to explore all things data, applications, data and lights change. Sweet. Yeah. It's all things data. Yeah. You'll learn about new product offerings and what's on our roadmap and get to see a demo from the both of us.

What can we expect to hear about during your session?

Leigha Jarett & Gabe Weiss: So in our session we're going to be giving a demo of some super cool Data Cloud stuff. Yay!

What excites you most about the latest trends or product innovations?

Leigha Jarett & Gabe Weiss: What excites me most about data stuff is it? Well, so being able to have all your data in the cloud means being able to do awesome stuff with that data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, having all your data there makes it easier to work with the data.

What can you do next?

Leigha Jarett & Gabe Weiss: Alright, what can viewers do next if you're interested in seeing what we're up to in here, you're gonna have to register.

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