Cai GoGwilt for Google Cloud Next Videos

October 07, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Cai GoGwilt, CTO, Ironclad

What will you be speaking about at Google Cloud Next?

Cai GoGwilt: Vinod and I will be talking about how Ironclad and Google are partnering to use Document AI to unlock previously inaccessible data in contracts.

What can people expect to learn during your session?

Cai GoGwilt: Yeah, if you'll join us, you'll learn about why we at Ironclad chose Document AI to power Smart Import and as well as learning a little bit about what our customers are using Smart Import for and how it's helping them unlock the data in their contracts and pipe it into other parts of their business.

Do you have any advice for people working with Document AI?

Cai GoGwilt: Think about real use cases and creating real business value when you're starting to use Document AI. In traditional AI, it takes a lot to just get a little bit of application, which, at least in our domain, has led to a lot of not very useful features. With Document AI you should absolutely try it because you'll be able to dream bigger and actually create business value for your customers.

Tell us more about the Ironclad and Google Cloud partnership.

Cai GoGwilt: We're thrilled to be partnering with Google as a leading digital contracting platform, We at Ironclad realize how valuable all of the data locked in contract is. So we're super excited to work with Google to apply the best in class AI technology to the problem of extracting data from contracts.

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