Anu Srivastava for Google Cloud Next Testimonials

October 04, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Anu Srivastava, Senior Applied AI Engineer

What can developers expect to learn during Next?

Anu Srivastava: We have a lot of fun announcements coming up, especially in AI. And we're actually going to talk about the developer experience, so not only we're going to go through these APIs and services, we're going to give you best practice tips, reference architecture recommendations and um, a whole bunch of neat demos.

What sessions do you recommend attending?

Anu Srivastava: What sessions you should watch? Well, I'm a bit biased because I work in Document AI so we have some breakout sessions that really go over what's new in the product, and in my session will be showing how to use Document AI to build an app end-to-end using serverless technology on GCP.

What excites you most within Document AI right now?

Anu Srivastava: Document AI is a platform that bundles together some of Google's flagship AI technologies, such as Natural Language Understanding, Vision, OCR, even Translate. So, seeing how all these things work together to unlock your data is pretty exciting to me.

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